Eco Bicester

An eco-town bringing opportunities to Bicester

Cover of 'One Shared Vision'Bicester is set to become one of Britain’s first eco-towns, and is part of a shared vision for Bicester. The vision for Bicester is in tune with standards set for eco-towns by the government.

One shared vision

This is the exciting, wide ranging vision for the development of Bicester over the next 20 years. It is about the whole of Bicester, not just housing development. We want all residents in the town and the surrounding area to enjoy a higher quality of life while at the same time reducing their impact on the environment.

The standards we set out in this vision will apply to all future development in the town and we’ll also be taking steps to reduce energy use in existing homes. This said, there are specific standards which currently will apply only to the eco development at North West Bicester as a result of its designation as just one of four eco towns nationally and its consequent role as a national exemplar.

This vision was agreed in August and September 2010 and is the culmination of consultation with individuals, businesses, partnerships and public and voluntary organisations in Bicester and the surrounding area.

Summary of the vision for Eco Bicester

Eco Bicester will be vibrant, diverse and safe place to live, providing for all incomes and needs.

  • New employment opportunities will be provided, and existing employers will be given support to employ more local people.
  • Cultural, leisure and shopping facilities will be improved for the benefit of everyone. This will include improved shopping, sports facilities a nature reserve and a stadium. Community facilities would also be improved, such as a new burial site, accessibly healthcare, and support for local food producers.
  • The people of Bicester would get to have a real say link to competition page/ shopping? in the town’s progress.
  • Existing homes and businesses would receive support to become more eco-friendly.
  • All new buildings would meet very high environmental standards set by the government, and will be designed attractively and built with local, sustainable materials.
  • Bicester will be promoted as a dynamic and attractive place to live.
  • Educational opportunities in the town would be improved to help people to benefit from their green economy.
  • Green methods of transport will be promoted and public transport made more efficient and easily available. The train connections from Bicester to Oxford and London will also be improved to prevent traffic jams and help the town to grow.
  • A network of green spaces will be created, linking the new with the old, bringing together all types of uses for the space and helping to prevent flooding. It will also support wildlife.